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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lean Resources at Velaction Continuous Improvement

Jeff Hajek is the founder of Velaction Continuous Improvement, a training and publishing company dedicated to making continuous improvement easier, more effective, and more rewarding for managers and their teams. He is also the author of a lean book called Whaddaya Mean I Gotta be Lean? which discusses the emotional side of Lean transformations.

Jeff found that when he started his Lean journey there was very little information on how to apply Lean in the trenches. So what began as a side project has turned into an initiative to develop the most convenient, comprehensive, interactive, Lean Six Sigma dictionary and reference guide on the Internet. The Continuous Improvement Companion is the start of this Lean Sigma Encyclopedia which chock full of need-to-know topics, ‘how-to’ tips, warnings about common pitfalls, key points to remember, examples you can relate to-and a whole lot more! It totals more than 95 pages of free information on continuous improvement to help you on your journey. You can also find many more useful topics in the Lean Dictionary that will help you as well. The online Lean Dictionary now has more than 200 terms for you reference. There are also various audio training topics that you can utilize to support your learning.

This is great resource for those in the Lean Community no matter what level of Lean knowledge you have. It is easily customizable and frequently updated with the latest most improved information. Knowledge is power and we should use this to our advantage.

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