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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Got Milk? Got Lean! Presentation

Jeff Hajek, author of Gotta Go Lean Blog and The Continuous Improvement Companion, and I recently shared our expertise in a brand new format. By combining a radio-show format with a webinar platform, and you get a brand new tool for learning about Lean.

In our second live show, we discuss Lean with another everyday example so anyone can learn the improvement methodology. The majority of households have one thing in common. They have milk in the fridge. But you may not realize that even the simple act of stocking this staple item puts a number of Lean concepts to work.

Stay tuned for a recording of this webinar to come shortly.  In the mean time you can review our first webinar show on Learning Lean Through Making Coffee.  Plan on joining us for our next webinar show after the New Year.

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  1. I believe I heard a "Got Milk" presentation from Mike Wroblewski of Got Boondoggle a couple of years ago. Is there a connection?

  2. Karen, Mike is the originator of this concept. I saw him talk about this concept at the North East Shingo Prize this past October.