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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Stop Resource at The Lean Library

Do you like one stop shopping? It would certainly be Lean to be able to get everything you need in one place. Well, you can find everything Lean at The Lean Library. The Lean Library offers insightful book reviews, guides to help you find the right book and quick links to help you purchase them. There are sections for useful links, research articles, current lean news, and updates from the Lean Blog Community.

The Lean Library is comprised of the following sections:

Card Catalog consists of books on virtually every Lean subject with links where you can find them.
Reviews are a compilation of book reviews by experts on the Lean body of knowledge.
Periodicals are a collection of lean articles with an emphasis on new research.
Links are a collection of online resources and information on Lean.
Latest Lean News provides news update on Lean Manufacturing.
Lean Blog Aggregator allows you to check out what other blogs are saying about Lean including this blog.

And probably the best section for those just starting out or trying to learn a new concept is the Ask the Librarian section. This allows you to find books for the topic you are interested in most.

The Lean Library is the concept of Jamie Flinchbaugh, co-founder of Lean Learning Center. I wrote about the Lean Learning Center before and if you have not checked it out you should. All the proceeds at the Lean Library go to charitable organizations focused on educational programs, mostly at universities, that promote lean concepts or other cross-discipline collaboration efforts.

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