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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Point of Use Storage for Shine

Whether you work in a factory or in an office we all have to clean our work spaces. I am sure many these day contract cleaning services to some degree. Nonetheless cleaning floors is a necessary part of a shine routine.

When mopping floors hopefully you use safe practices and utilize signs to signal the floor is wet. Can you find these signs? Are they centrally located in a cleaning closet? Are they available for spills or do you have to call someone to get a sign? Do you have to stack them up and bring the signs with you to do the cleaning. Only later to come back and re-collect them.

There is a better way. Store your wet floor signs at point of use. The picture below shows an example of this.

The signs are stored on hooks in plain site along the side of walkways and work spaces. This ensures they are available when needed for cleaning tasks or to alert coworkers of a potentially dangerous situations like that of a spill.

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