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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lean Roundup #7

Selected highlights from the Lean Blog Community from the month of December, 2009.

Psychology of Lean – Jeff Hajek explains some of psychological concepts and how they affect workplace behaviors in a Lean company.

How Much Time in the Gemba - Lee Fried shares some thoughts on the balance of time senior leadership needs for strategic thinking and time spent in the Gemba.

The Advantages of A1 Thinking OverA3 Thinking – Jon Miller talks about using a white board instead of paper for your PDCA problem solving.

Lean as a Way to Save Manufacturing – Mark Graban shares a video from CNN on a company that is using Lean to save manufacturing jobs in the US.

Six Principles of Influence – Paul Cary explains six methodologies to influence people in an effective way.

P is the first S and O is the last S in 5S - Alex Maldonado says you need to "Cultivate a plan that will set in order ownership in your 5S program that will shine throughout the workplace".

Habits – John Hunter explains the importance of creating habits in culture change and shares two ways you know things are becoming habit.

Quit Groveling and Get Lean – Bill Waddell says business need to use lean to generate cash instead of relying on others to do it for them.

Being Lean: Not Just for Fat People – Ankit Patel relates being Lean in a company to that of being lean physically and draws a number of similarities.

The Positive Tension Between SMART and Stretch Goals – Jon Miller explains the importance and relationship between SMART goals and STRETCH goals.

Thank You God for Giving Me Problems - Mike Wroblewski shares a prayer from the book "Play to Win, The Make a Difference Gameplan" by Tom Karbowski called "Thank You God for Giving Me Problems".

Can't Get No Dissatisfaction - Rob Worth talks about the need for some dissatisfaction to implement change to avoid content or acceptance of the current situation.

4 Steps for Small Daily Investments – Jamie Flinchbaugh explains 4 steps to start making improvements with small daily action.

The Lean Ratio – Bill Waddell shares a Lean measure of value added expenses to total expenses which was followed by a post Value Or Not To Value That Is The Question where the discussion of what is value added came up.

The Be Cause and Other Inhibitors to Good Problem Solving – Bob explains the other causes that can prevent us from getting to the root cause of a problem so they can be avoided.

 US Companies Competing With China Using Lean – Mark Graban reviews an article about companies using Lean as a strategy for competing against cheap labor in China.

Idea kaizen, PDCA-B6, mini-PDCA – JC Gatlin shares several problems solving tools and explains how to use them.

Communication Tips For Lean Leaders – Liz Guthridge shares communication tips from a recent leadership communications study of employee communication professionals.

Kaizen: It's Good for What Ails You – Dan Markovitz reviews an upcoming HBR article on the benefits of improvement on the company and individuals.

Joy, Hope, and Lean – Karen Wilhelm reminds us to remember the joy of past lean practices as we get ready to renew hopes along the lean journey.


  1. That's quite a list. I probably missed some of those, and will go back and read them.

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