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Monday, June 28, 2010

Guest Post on Lean Blog about Lean and Green

I had the pleasure to guest post on Mark Graban's Lean Blog while he is on vacation.  I took this opportunity to present my thoughts on Lean and the environment (commonly referred to as Green improvements).

Many manufacturers know the benefits of Lean manufacturing: higher productivity, better quality, reduced cycle time, plus enhanced employee engagement. Lean is excellent at marshalling different groups and individuals into a high performing team focused on rooting out waste. That relentless focus on eradicating waste makes Lean a necessary partner for Green...
Learn how the the acrynom WASTE can help you prevent or reduce the 5 key enviromental wastes.

Also, I highlight 10 things you can start doing right now to reduce environmental wastes in your business.  The benefits of reducing these wastes goes beyond just cost savings.

Click here to read the complete post on LeanBlog.com.
...While the pursuit of Green and Lean is not a destination but a journey it is clear that organizations that stretch themselves to build a culture around the values of Sustainability, Excellence, and Equity will ultimately have a big advantage those who do not. Green and Lean is not a dichotomy rather it can be said being Green is Lean.

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