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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

Kevin Meyer, president of Factory Strategies Group and well known blogger of Evolving Excellence, has started a new initiative in his pursuit of educating the world in Lean Thinking.  In this digital age in which virtually every cell phone has a camera Kevin has taken the opportunity to illustrate Lean through pictures.  He started photolog called Lean Pics which is a collection of photos of lean enterprise examples, concepts, ideas, and critiques. 

Some examples:

5S in Space
Lean Manufacturing Work Cells
See more examples at LeanPics.com

Mark Graban of a leanblog.org also created a photolog in April of this year called BeMoreCareful.com.  This is a collection of workplace signs and posters that don't quite get to the root cause. The site intended to show pictures of workplace signs that say things like:

Be Careful!
Don’t Forget!

These signs usually have an exclamation point and often say “Please.” Signs and warnings are about the weakest form of “error proofing,” if you can even call it that. Some find it easier to just slap up a sign, thinking the problem is solved, instead of looking for a more systemic fix.  Lean thinking recognizes that people are human and that human error is inevitable.  Instead of posting a sign Lean focuses on the process so that it’s more difficult for people to make mistakes or forget things.

Here is an example of such a sign:

Maybe the Pit Fell Into the Void After Catching Fire?
 See more examples at BeMoreCareful.com.

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