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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Radio Lean - Your Lean Implementation Information Station

I recently came across a good resource online for learning about Lean.  RadioLean is an internet broadcast website.  The mission of RadioLean is to promote operational excellence in all types and sizes of organizations by providing Lean content, education, resources, and networking opportunities for our listeners.

Mike Wall, started and hosts RadioLean is a Lean Practitioner, Educator, and Advisor with nearly 30 years practical experience throughout the public and private sectors. He began his Lean journey at The Boeing Company – Wichita Division where he served as Total Quality Manager, Lean Implementation Manger, Air Force One Production Manager, and 737/757 Product Line Manager.

Mike answers the question why RadioLean by wanting to draw more people and organizations across North America into the Lean fold.  He contends that even though Lean as been around for a couple decades in the US many leaders still don't see the value of or understand how full inculcation of Lean principles across their organization could help.  From my experience I think Mke is right which is why I started my blog sometime ago.

Currently, on RadioLean is an interview with Mark Graban, of Lean Blog and author of Lean Hospitals, on Lean Healthcare. In the vault there is a great an interview with Pascal Dennis the author of "The Remedy – Bringing Lean Thinking Out of the Factory to Transform the Entire Organization” and Getting the Right Things Done.  Also, on the vault you will find interviews with Dr. Jeffrey Liker, the author of  "The Toyota Way"; Ralph Keller, past president of AME; Bob Miller, executive director of Shingo Prize; and Jake Stiles, President of Stiles Associates and fellow AME Northeast Board of Director.  I particularly enjoyed the interview with Cliff Ransom, a Wall street guy, who talks about the early adoption of Lean in th 1990's.

This is a great way to spend your lunch time in the office learning from true practitioners.

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