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Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation Brings A Collection of Exceptional Guest Posts

Over the next several days I will be on vacation taking some much needed time with my family.  Every year for the last 14 years we head to New Hampshire for several days to take in the NASCAR race.  It is a great time for sun, fun, camping, and high speed action.

I have been fortunate to arrange a great cast of guest bloggers while I am taking some time off.  Here is a quick preview of what is in store for you next week:

On Tuesday, Matt Wrye from Beyond Lean shares the next improvement of his personal kanban system.  This time he adds in weekly repetitive tasks into his board. 

Then on Wednesday, Joe Dager from Business901 talks about how the Lean tools used in manufacturing need to be presented in a different way when applying Lean thinking in sales and marketing. 

Thursday, Dan Markovitz from TimeBack Management shares a personal kanban system with a unique countermeasure for dealing with email throughout the day.  His solution aims to keep him as productive as possible.

On Friday, Christian Paulsen from Lean Leadership provides the Friday Lean Quote covering the important topic of root cause analysis.

On Monday, Brian Buck from Improve With Me writes about excellence in healthcare with the patients experience as the means to judge the quality of service.

Then on Tuesday, Christian Paulsen is back to elaborate on Deming's Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle from the root cause analysis discussion.

I will be back soon but not before learning a little about quick changeover from the NASCAR pit crews like that from this post last year - Lean in the Fast Lane.

“The winner ain't the one with the fastest car its the one who refuses to lose” - Dale Earnhardt, #3  - Lean Quote, June 25, 2010: Desire

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