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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lean Roundup #29 – October, 2011

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of October, 2011.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Lack of Time for Kaizen is a Problem Statement Not an Excuse – Mark Graban says that "lack of time" should not be an excuse that shuts down the possibility for Kaizen, but rather problem statement for Kaizen thinking.

3 Big Wins From Knocking Down Cubicle Walls – Jamie Flinchbaugh talks about the benefits of knocking down cubicle walls in your workplace from his experience.

Building a Kaizen (event) Team – Jamie Flinchbaugh explains how and why to build a kaizen team with the right people.

"Management by Walking Around" vs "Gemba Walks" – Mark Graban says it important not to confuse a proper Lean "gemba walk" with the idea of "management by walking around" (MBWA).

Distribution Center Location: Optimizing Your Logistics Network – Pete Abilla explains a method he calls the Center of Gravity Method for optimizing distribution network.

How Important are Consulting Skills During an Implementation – Monique Rupert describes some key skills that consultants have that can make you successful.

5s in Three Bullets – Dan Markovitz explains 5s for the office in terms of 3 elements you need for information flow.

Organizational Bottlenecks to the Benefits of Supply Chain Management – LeanCor explains 3 key departmental barriers that must be eradicated for a Lean Supply Chain.

6 Quick Lean Leadership Lessons – Christian Paulsen shares one-liners with a brief commentary on how these apply to Lean Leadership.

Lean Principles for Knowledge Workers and Everyone Else – David Kasprzak shares reasons why organizations who commit to Lean end up succeeding.

Blog Action Day: Food and a Lean Culture Change – Jon Miller talks about the 7 wastes of food and relates this to Lean thinking for blog action day.

9 Steps to Better Metrics – Jeff Hajek shows the way to putting effective metrics in place at your organization.

The Value of a Value Stream Map – Tom Southworth explains what a value stream map is and what it isn't and how to leverage it for improvement.

Standard Work: The Basis for Continuous Improvement – Mike Duncan explains how standard work helps to create a process for continuous improvement.

Success is the Enemy of Future Success – Pascal Dennis says success if the enemy of future success and that relentless self-examination is more the key.

Mise-en-place 5s and Why Tape Outlines on the Desk are Stupid – Dan Markovitz reminds us that 5S is not about taping our desk rather it is about reducing the time it takes to do a process.

Kanban and the Operations Management Triangle – Evan Durant talks about the 3 key elements of any operation (inventory, information, and capacity) and their implication for kanban.

Lean Deployments Should Be Lean – Troy Taylor says our lean deployment should follow lean principles for a much deeper understanding.

Top 3 Things I've Learned After 18 Months in Healthcare – Michael Lombard shares his lessons learned after transitioning from manufacturing to healthcare.

Eight Ways to Mess Up the Lean Function...and Sabotage the Transformation – Mark Hamel shares 8 things to avoid if you want your Lean transformation to be successful.

True North is the Key because Building Capability Feels Like Failure on the Spot – Michael Balle explains that without true north there can't be any meaningful kaizen because people will protect themselves from failure.

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