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Thursday, December 22, 2011

That's Kaizen - FastCap Style

Many think Kaizen is about some sort of 5 day event where you shut down and make improvement.  Maybe this idea is fed by consultants in some manner but Kaizen in fact is not this.  It is about small incremental change. The type of change that makes it easier to do your job.  Change in which the people doing the task are intimately involved in.

In a new video from the team at FastCap they demonstrate what real Kaizen is all about.

There are so many great lessons in this video including:
  • Make improvement in the Gemba (actual place).
  • Importance of collecting data (stop watch) along the way.
  • Some improvements don't work the way you expect but you still learn from them.
  • If your improvement is not successful keep trying.
  • Try other peoples ideas even if you think they might not work.
  • People on the outside often see things you can't see.
  • Importance of a knowledge coach (Paul Akers) to guide and encourage the team to keep improving. Notice he never solves the problem for the team but challenges them to think about what is happening.
  • Making improvement is invigorating and rewarding.
  • Seconds matter.
This is one of the best explanations of Kaizen I have come across.  I hope you enjoy it and share it with others.

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