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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Be Happy, Go The F**K Home

A work/life balance is often something that is talked about but sometimes difficult to find.  Pam Selle recently gave a talk at Ignite Philly on this topic called "Go the F**k Home." This is a little diversion from Lean thinking but an important aspect of respect for people in the workplace.  The language might be a little too graphic for some workplaces but nonetheless entertaining.

Here are a couple key points from Pam's talk:

  • Time is money. When you work extra hours, you're earning less money for your time.
  • Get off Facebook and get your work done while you're at work.
  • More time at work does not mean more productivity.
  • If you can't name two things you're doing outside of work, you don't have a life.
  • Be an example for your team, especially if you are a manager. Go home so they can go home.
So what do you think does Pam have a point?

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Tim

    Pam as a really good and every important point. It actually revolves around respect for people which is part of what Lean is truly based on.

    As an employer I have yet to see people perform as well when they are doing overtime as they are when they are working. Even working for yourself if you start over doing it you do not perform as well if you keep logging long hours, and are not enjoying your life. The people you do work for are getting less value when you are tired and mistakes and accidents increase.

    Additionally when you do not have a life your home suffers and creates additional distractions for you. It all means you are doing something for the wrong reasons. With are exception we all supposedly work to live, but by putting in all that extra we are living to work. Family problems always result in lowering work performance. People can not just turn themselves off and on so we should all look after our lives as well.

    Another benefit of having a life outside of work is ideas. When you are always in the same small area you do not have the opportunity to experience new things. Without new experiences how can you generate new fresh ideas. Part of what we want from people in Lean is to get them to think outside the box, that is actually far easier if they actually get out of it from time to time.