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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kanban Flow - A Free, Fast, & Flexible Kanban Tool

My experimentation with personal kanban systems has been well documented here. I am a fan of using a digital personal kanban board to manage tasks and projects for work, personal, and blog activities. Now there is a new tool to help you be more productive. It is webapp called KanbanFlow.

KanbanFlow is completely free to use, and once you've signed up the 2 minute tutorial will walk you through the process of creating tasks, moving them across your boards, flagging your to-dos with colors, adding and managing subtasks, and even setting up the built-in Pomodoro timer to work with the to-dos you've added. Adding items and managing them is super-easy, and you can set a timer for any to-do on your boards, including subtasks. If you don't want to cram all of your to-dos onto the same board, you can create as many boards as you want to organize all of your activities.

The service allows has a number of great features like like creating as many Kanban boards as you like. Each board can be shared or kept private, individually. So you can use both work related boards and private boards on the same account without problem. You can easily switch between your boards, which is practical if you happen to be involved in several projects on a daily basis.

If you are working with a team, you can invite them to the service to work with you, and you'll be notified when they update your boards. You can instantly see what other people are working on right now, what has been done and what is coming up. 

KanbanFlow is currently in beta, but it's pretty polished and remarkably fast. Your board is easily customize from the Administration menu and it is portable thanks to the internet.

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  1. I am huge fan of personal kanban and was looking for a suitable online tool..The one I have been using so far was Symphonical.com but it seems Kanbanflow is clearly more intuitive and powerful ..just the one I was looking for ..Thanks Tim.