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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet-up: Guy Wallace

Today, on the meet-up I am happy to introduce fellow ASQ Influential Voice Blogger Guy Wallace. Guy has been helping companies with performance improvements for over 25 years.  He shares his experiences and expertise on his blog. I've been fortunate to get to know Guy this past year because of our involvement with ASQ. Now you have a chance to meet Guy as well.

Who are you and what do you do?
I am Guy W. Wallace, a CPT - Certified Performance Technologist, and external consultant since 1982 in the areas of Instructional Design and Performance Improvement. I am also a past Board Member and President of ISPI - the International Society for Performance Improvement, and a co-founder of the local chapter, ISPI Charlotte.

How and when did you learn Performance Improvement?
In my first job out of college in 1979 I joined a Training department where my co-workers were into Performance Improvement as one of the ultimate criterion for Training Learning Measurement, and were members of NSPI (now ISPI). I joined the local chapter immediately and attended my first annual NSPI Conference (of 31 attended) back in 1980.

How and why did you start blogging or writing about Performance Improvement?
I began my Blog in 2004 but really got serious about it in 2007, and moved it from one site to another in 2009. I have a history of publishing going back to 1984 (in TRAINING Magazine) as a way to share with others - as so many have done knowingly or unknowingly for me - and I also learn a great deal from the process of organizing my own thoughts for others. So many have taught me directly or indirectly that I have felt the need to pay it forward.

What does Performance Improvement mean to you?
Use of Evidence Based Practices to improve performance at the individual level, the process level, the organizational level and the Societal level for Measured Results, in meeting Stakeholder Requirements.

What is the biggest myth or misconception of Performance Improvement?
Where to start? There are so many. They include the use of Subject Matter Experts in gathering information and insight, designing Instruction and Information for Learning Style preferences, clarity of expectations being the number one lever for performance improvement (I think it is a clear, defined process that is proven to meet stakeholder requirements).

What is your current Performance Improvement passion, project, or initiative?
Finishing up a new book on Learning Paths for those following my PACT and EPPI methods. PACT are my Instructional Systems Design methods, processes, tools and techniques. EPPI are my Performance Improvement methods, processes, tools and techniques.

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