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Monday, March 2, 2015

“Successful Lean Teams” in Boston

Two of my favorite Lean thinkers and practitioners are coming to my area to do a Lean workshop and I wanted to share this with you. Both have been contributors and subject of many posts on this blog. If you are available this is a wonderful opportunity to meet them and learn a little from their experience. 
Jim Benson and Mark Graban are doing a full-day workshop on Lean for knowledge work settings. It’s going to be held in Boston on March 31 (hopefully, the snow will be gone by then.)
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In the morning, Jim will enthrall you with an interactive workshop on Personal Kanban – he wrote the Shingo Research Award-winning book on this subject. He weaves together some key lessons from W. Edwards Deming on systems thinking, as well.
In the afternoon, Mark will be teaching about Healthcare Kaizen, but it’s really a methodology that can apply in various settings and he’ll be sharing non-healthcare examples of staff-driven continuous improvement. They’ll do a fun simulation and exercise that allows us to practice the basics of Kaizen.
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