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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lean Tips Edition #96 (Tip 1441-1455)

For my Facebook fans you already know about this great feature. But for those of you that are not connected to A Lean Journey on Facebook or Twitter I post daily a feature I call Lean Tips.  It is meant to be advice, things I learned from experience, and some knowledge tidbits about Lean to help you along your journey.  Another great reason to like A Lean Journey on Facebook.

Here is the next addition of tips from the Facebook page:

Lean Tip #1441 - Approach Goal Setting Holistically
View goal-setting from the top down, bottom up, and across the organization to ensure alignment. Leaders can plan together and communicate organizational goals and objectives, then empower managers and employees to work together to draft departmental and individual goals that align with their partners in other parts of the organization to support the overall strategy.

Encourage goal-setters to focus on how all the parts fit together. When goals are set collaboratively, employees are motivated by having a stake in planning their own work priorities and being trusted to understand and contribute to the organizational strategy.

Lean Tip #1442 - Communicate Consistently and Regularly on Goals
Organizational alignment can only occur when goals set at the top of the organization are consistently communicated, and committed to, from the top of the organization through each level of management. Take steps to ensure that messages are not being distorted and that front line employees are receiving the proper direction to help employees set individual goals fully aligned with those set at the top of the organization.

Lean Tip #1443 - Celebrate Success; Learn From Failure for Goal Achievement
Accountability for goal achievement is important, but if employees are afraid to fail they will tend to hide bad news or shift blame—which are potentially fatal conditions for an organization. Frequent feedback and monitoring will minimize the risk of failure. Encourage and equip managers to take a coaching role, including creating an open environment where employees can admit and learn from mistakes.

Lean Tip #1444 - Adjust Goals With Changing Needs
Situations change quickly and sometimes goals must also be adjusted, or completely changed, to adapt to shifting priorities; however, according to research, 54 percent of organizations revise goals once per year or not at all. Just as organizations act quickly with change, so too must their people when it comes to adjusting impacted goals. The better the communication from top to bottom and the less rigid the organization, the more nimble it will be in realigning efforts to new drivers.

Lean Tip #1445 - Setting Goals Builds Alignment and Keeps Employees Focused
Perhaps the most powerful aspect of goal setting is its potential use in building an aligned workforce, equipped, empowered, and motivated at all levels to work together to achieve its vision for the future. Setting goals can provide purpose and challenge to energize people to apply their efforts in a specific, planned direction. Well-set and monitored goals that are aligned holistically can put your organization on track for increased employee engagement, productivity, and progress toward achieving its vision.

Lean Tip #1446 - Honor Your Commitments To Earn Respect
A key element of earning respect is to honor your commitments. Always keep your words, be honest and deliver what you promised. This will boost your esteem in the eyes of others. Anybody who cannot be depended upon will find it hard to get others to respect them.

Lean Tip #1447 - Strive for Excellence in Everything You Do.
Always be the best you can be. When you deliver your 100%, others will look up to you and respect you. It is important to be sincere to your job and always strive for excellence. Even at home, it is important to try and be the best at the role you play in your family. Set your standards high and exceed them. It will work wonders for your self-respect and get others to respect you.

Lean Tip #1448 - Have Strong Values
All the well-respected people of the world have strong values. They stand by their principles no matter what happens. We should take a look deep within us and find out our true values. When our conscience tells us something is against our values and principles, we must stand firm and do the right thing.

Lean Tip #1449 - Maintain a Positive Attitude
People rarely respect negative leaders. Instead, they typically ridicule them behind their backs. Negativity sends the message that you're bitter or mean; it develops fear, not respect. Compliment your staff on a job well done. Make sure the compliment is sincere and personal. It is always best to share a compliment when the act is fresh.

Lean Tip #1450 - Tell Staff What to Do, Not How to Do It
Effective delegation is an important part of becoming a good leader. Understand that employees are looking to develop their skills, so when you delegate, give them an important task to accomplish. Then stand back and let them figure out how to do it. When you tell employees how to do the task, they feel mistrusted and perhaps worthless. It is difficult to trust a leader who can't let go.

Lean Tip #1451 - Be Available to Employees and Offer Help
Don't just have an open-door policy; make time to talk with employees and ask their opinions. Employees want to think they have the boss's ear and can come to you when they have issues. No matter how busy you are, when you walk through your work area and notice an employee who needs assistance, offer some. Step in and get your hands dirty. It won't go unnoticed.

Lean Tip #1452 - Be Relentlessly Proactive.
Don’t always wait for direction from others. Use your own skills and resources to start getting things done and solve problems. Get in the habit of figuring things out for yourself. Don’t be afraid of a challenge once in a while.

Lean Tip #1453 - Practice Humility, Learn from Others.
You’re not always going to be right, and you’re not the best at everything. Every person you meet can teach you something. Confidence doesn’t come from a place where you’re the best. True confidence comes from understanding humility, and that every person has something unique to offer to the world, including you.

Lean Tip #1454 – Become a Resource to the People You Work With.
Pay attention in meetings and be sure to read the company memos that circulate through the website and in the company mailbox. If you stay on top of company information, then people will recognize you as a resource and respect your professional approach to your job.

Lean Tip # 1455 - Be a Role Model to Others

Actions speak louder than words. Are you a role model to others by way of your behavior? Do you uphold yourself to the highest code of conduct? You gain respect by walking the talk. The most respected person is the one who inspires others to achieve their best and enables them to unlock their highest potential.

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