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Monday, February 21, 2022

Three Leadership Lessons Past Presidents Can Teach Today’s Business Leaders

Every year, Americans celebrate Presidents Day as a day of remembrance — a day to look back and learn from our nation’s leaders. In today’s competitive market, business leaders are looking for the edge that will put their organization and workforce ahead of the curve.

This Presidents Day, Monday, Feb. 21, it might be time to dust off your history books and delve into the wisdom of the past. Here are three leadership lessons past presidents can teach today’s business leaders.

Develop A Bold and Resilient Attitude

In times of crises, persons with a high tolerance for stress, anxiety, and frustration are less likely to make impulsive or emotional decisions. It’s this sort of resilience that will allow President’s to cope with natural disasters, nuclear threats, and everyday life challenges.

Strengthen your resilience by accepting that change and disorder is a part of life. Rather than detach yourself from stressful situations, embrace the opportunity and take decisive action towards improving the situation, one step at a time.

Establish a Strategy, Not Goals

Goals are easy to create and even easier to toss out the window. In addition, goals can be too broad or big to tackle at first glance. Rather than set yourself up for failure, create a strategy that will help you reach your destination.

Take Risks and Take Ownership of the Consequences

Progress in life can only manifest out of action. It’s not enough to hope or dream of taking actions; a leader must also be ready to act. To do this, confidence in one self is key. Develop confidence in yourself by doing your homework and trusting your instincts.

Secondly, a leader must also take ownership to the results of his or her actions. Whether it’s working on a team or striving to lead the free world, a leader cannot pass blame to other members on the team.

Maintain an optimistic outlook and support team members to get the job done.

I hope this article inspired you to celebrate President’s Day by toning and developing essential leadership skills!

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