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Monday, January 30, 2023

Lean Roundup #164 – January 2023

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of January 2022.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here. 


Systems Primed for Finding Fault - Christopher R Chapman discusses how leadership creates systems that cause fear and blame.


Year End Muda – Bruce Hamilton discusses two unpleasant and counter-productive business customs that occur at the end of the year.


Expand the View of the System to Find Ways to Improve Results – John Hunter shares an example of improvement made possible by expanding the view of the system and viewing the results from the perspective of the customer instead of just looking at internal process measures.


Fred Taylor & Illusion of Top-Down Control - Part I & Part 2 – Pascal Dennis discusses Fred Taylor’s approach and engagement with frontline workers.


Measuring The Pig In The Python – John Knotts talks about the challenges of measuring some processes that can take weeks or months to occur.


ROI: Financial Benefits of Business Process Improvement – JJ Puentes discusses the benefits of racking the ROI of business process improvement.


Huddle Board Examples to Encourage Collaboration – Noah Paratore explains how daily huddles is a powerful tool for keeping improvement work top-of-mind.


Leading by the solving (the right) problems – Juan David Ruiz Valencia says leading by solving problems is a key trait of any lean leader, but it is important to understand that not all problems are their prerogative.


Why is TPS so smart? - Michael Ballé and Alice Mathieu explain a real understanding of Lean Thinking can only stem from an exploration of its tacit aspects, not just its most explicit, easy-to-grasp elements.


The Difficulties of Dazzling Digital Shop Floor Dashboards – Christopher Roser talks all things within digital dashboards on the shopfloor especially the challenges and how to overcome.


The Back Story – A Changed Perspective – Bob Emiliani shares the story behind his new book “A Changed Perspective.”


Lean in One Drawing – Dave LaHote explains in a brief video why it’s vital to view lean thinking and practice as a system.


How to Go to the Gemba: Go See, Ask Why, Show Respect – John Shook shares some guidelines he uses when doing a gemba walk as an outside advisor.


Ask Art: How Do You Align Incentives for a Lean Turnaround? – Art Byrne offers practical strategies for incentivizing employees during a transition to lean management.


A Third-Grade Classroom’s Display on Growth Mindset (and Mistakes) – Mark Graban talks about how teaching about mistakes can inspire a love of learning.


You Have To Start Somewhere – LeanCor shares 4 foundational concepts as a great starting point.


Lean Leadership Begins with Executive and Management Teams – David Sherman explains the importance that lean leadership is prevalent in order to facilitate a problem solving, humble, and waste eliminating culture.


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