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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Epic Lean Kitchen

My buddy Paul Akers at FastCap shares another great example of applying Lean thinking and techniques to make our life easier. This time he takes us into the kitchen at FastCap where the use of visual controls and standard work are examined.  I wonder if any of you will take any of these ideas and implement them in your home.

Does your kitchen at work look like this?  Why not?
Keep learning.

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  1. Tim,

    Thanks for sharing that video. My favorite point was the standardized clean-up for the refrigerator. This 4th S element is often overlooked; which is why the first three S's are so difficult to maintain.

  2. Mark, I also liked that part as well. Another good example was the standard work on the dish washer. It takes away any excuse related to not knowing how to run it.

  3. Paul is great to watch. He is so passionate about lean and it carries over to his employees at FastCap. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Loved the video! Sadly, I think instituting this type of system at home would lead to divorce.