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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lean Roundup #31 – December, 2011

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of December, 2011.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

A House Divided Cannot Stand – Bill Waddell talks about the divide between sales and manufacturing that creates a top line or cost reduction and not a bottom line improvement.

Kaizen and the Moisture Content of Fabrics – Jon Miller brings fabric and moisture together to talk about kaizen and approach you should take.

4 Myths About The Principle of Respect for People – Jamie Flinchbaugh shares 4 myths related to being respectful to people that helps define the Toyota principle.

The 5th Myth About The Respect For People Principle – Jon Miller continues Jamie Flinchbaugh's thought on the myths of respect for people with the 8th waste.

The Lean Blog Holiday Gift Guide – Mark Graban takes a stab at holiday gift guide for Lean enthusiast in a practical and humorous way.

The C Suite Double Standard – Dan Markovitz talks about leaders and executives who are ferocious about improving manufacturing processes and eliminating waste, but who passively accept waste in their office operations and individual work.

Standards Part 1 – Bruce Hamilton explains that standards are not a loss personal choice because the worker creates them.

The Waste of Interpretation – David Kasprzak says we need to say what we mean and mean what we say otherwise it leads to confusion.

A Dose of Common Sense Goes a Long Way – Bill Waddell shares a story about how simple improvements from the floor can be more effective than those large engineering projects.

In God We Trust Everybody Else Bring Data - Steve Taninecz talks about the need and use of data in the Healthcare.

An Easy Way to Make Your New Year's Resolution Stick  - Ron Pereira writes about making your New Year resolutions stick by taking action.

The Tough Decision: What Not To Do – Mark Rosenthal explains one of the toughest things to do when trying to focus is to stop doing those tasks that are not going to support your goal.

Kaizen Events vs Continuous Daily Improvement – Al Norval says they are both kaizen since they offer the company the ability for relentless improvement.

Lean Success  Part 1: If It's Not Complete It's Not Lean Enough – Jordan Berkley talks about the journey to Lean manufacturing and whether it is really worth the cost.

Lean Business Results – Al Norval says that while the primary goal of leaders is business results that is not why do Lean, we do it to build capability.

Don't Let Success Close Your Mind – Matt Wrye advocates that while success is great it should not stop you from continuously improving.

Lean Is About Waste Elimination, Or Is It? – Jamie Flinchbaugh says that the single word of waste does not sufficiently define Lean and suggests that value, alignment, and problem solving would be better.

Strategy vs Tactics – Dragan Bosnjak says you must have a clear strategy before you can have clear tactics.

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