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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Lean Roundup #128 – January 2020

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of January 2020.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Ten Lessons I’ve Learned Over the Last Decade -  Ron Pereira shares 10 valuable lessons he’s learned over the last 10 years which he says has been the most transformative personally and professionally.

The Word of the Year for 2019 – Jon Miller explains why “daily” ties in the lessons and aspirations of the last 12 months.

Break the Bad Habit of Overreacting to Metrics – Mark Graban shares his advice from his book “Measure of Success” that deals with performance measures (metrics).

A Simple Way to Start Building a Continuous Improvement Culture – Jeff Hajek says a simple way to implement continuous improvement is to fix what bugs you.

Poka-Yoke – Preventing Inadvertent Errors – Al Norval explains what jidoka means and were poka yoke comes in.

Boeing Starliner Failure: Lessons for Your Lean Program – Dan Markovitz explains that successful Lean companies have leaders who spend significant time in the gemba.

Refining and Reinforcing Principles – Kevin Meyers explains his simple grounding principles: reduce friction, share, and grow.

Wanting to Know, Preferring to Ignore – Bob Emiliani talks about Toyota Management System and Lean Management and why it isn’t embraced by many top leaders.

The 4Cs of Trust – Jamie Flinchbaugh shares the ingredients that are important for building organizational trust what he calls the 4Cs of Trust: the demonstration of Care, effective Communication, the Competency to deliver on the promise, and doing all of these with Consistency.

Sustaining Gains with the Continuous Improvement Ratchet – Jon Miller explains why daily management is the ratchet in the PDCA cycle that sustains the gains of continuous improvement.

It’s Your Duty to Make Things Right – Steve Kane talks about his time in the military and the approach to problem solving and why leaders need to take the same approach in their business.

It’s Hard to Ask Leaders to Change the System in Which They’ve Risen and Excelled – Mark Graban discusses why leaders need to change if they want to change culture.

Time To Make Time – John Shook explains 2 reasons why lean could be considered a time-based strategy and why time is the enemy.

Ask Art: What happens when standard cost accounting meets takt time? – Art Byrne explains why takt time and standard cost accounting are not good friends.

Working Hard...For One Minute – Orry Fiume talks about SMED, getting buy-in from operators, and respect for people from experience at Wiremold.

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