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Monday, August 8, 2022

Quality Excellence: Going Above and Beyond

Quality is vital in all aspects of life. In business, quality is an important factor when it comes to any product or service. With high market competition, quality has become the market differentiator for almost all products and services because of the negative consequences of poor quality.

Poor quality can have several customer-related consequences:

·        Poor quality increases defects found by customers therefore increasing labor costs on identifying and correcting these defects. Defects are expensive to fix, and the later in the process they are detected, the more costly they are to fix.

  • Poor quality increases your baseline costs. If an organization releases poor quality, it will likely need a large number of support staff to help with customer issues. These dedicated expenses cut into time and money spent on new development.
  • Releasing poor quality causes delays with customers and lost revenue. Once doubt creeps into the minds of customers, they may delay purchasing new releases, allowing others to gain the business.
  • Poor quality diminishes your reputation and market share. Your brand and its reputation is your most valuable asset. In today’s highly connected environment, it is easy for a few dissatisfied customers to spread negative reviews.

"Quality" means different things to different people. The objective of “Quality" is to satisfy the ever-changing needs of our customers, suppliers and employees, with value added products and services emphasizing a continuous commitment to satisfaction through an ongoing process of education, communication, evaluation and constant improvement.


There are 5 elements of a Quality Management System comprising:

  • Customer Quality – Customer satisfaction/feedback, more than making a good product
  • Product Quality – Performance meets customers’ expectations, zero defect culture
  • Process Quality – Disciplined adherence to process ensure quality assurance
  • Supplier Quality – Proactive and collaborative systems assure supply chain
  • Development Quality – Assessment of product reliability through NPI cycle, reduce risk

This is built on a base of engaged employees and an innovative problem-solving culture.

The customer’s view of quality is an ever-evolving perception of the value provided by a product. It is not a static perception that never changes but a fluid process that changes as a product matures (innovation) and other alternatives (competition) are made available as a basis of comparison.

Quality must go beyond our product or service. We cannot add it at the end of the line or inspect it into the product. At best that is only a false sense of security. If we want a quality product it must be made with quality processes by quality minded people.

Quality is not a program or a project; it isn’t the responsibility of one individual or group to perform. The responsibility of delivering quality products and services to customers lies on the shoulders of every employee in Mirion. We will only make meaningful and sustainable quality improvement when employees at every level of the organization feel a shared desire to make processes and outcomes better every day, in a bold and continuous manner. 

Successful implementation of a quality focused organization requires commitment and patience, but the rewards are substantial. Beyond the obvious practical benefits, organizations become empowered to solve persistent process and performance challenges while raising the expectations they set for themselves.

A focus on quality must be intrinsic to the company culture and practices for the customer to take notice. Excellence in quality improves customer loyalty, elevates brand position, reduces cost, attracts new customers, and draws the best and brightest talent. A strong orientation for quality helps to achieve business goals. Achieving excellence in quality provides significant momentum for the business and is a source of pride for all employees. A comprehensive quality management system is a key attribute to the longevity and success of an organization.

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