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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

7 Must-Try Employee Engagement Tips for a Positive Workplace

Positive work environments bring out the best in employees. They not only help them work safely and effectively, but they also promote mental wellness. But toxic workplaces are certainly like cancer. They deplete work energy, cause division, and hinder organizational progress. Unfortunately, many modern workplaces are like that. They are filled with nepotism, and unsupportive work measures and besides that, they hamper employee development. 

A positive work environment can make a huge difference in an organization. It not only reduces employee attrition, and absenteeism, but also improves employee engagement, connectivity, and productivity. Healthy workplaces can impact business and employees and also stretch to customer relationships. Precisely, positive workplaces are characterized by a high level of employee engagement. But what is employee engagement and what are some of the must-try employee engagement tips for a positive workplace?

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement refers to the eagerness and emotional dedication that employees feel toward their jobs and the organization at large. It generally takes into account physical, emotional, and mental involvement in work. It also refers to the enthusiasm employees display when given new tasks or their willingness to go the extra mile.

Employees who are emotionally committed to an organization display higher positivity that influences other employees to perform better. However, it should be noted that employee engagement goes beyond accomplishing tasks. Many employees can deliver projects on time when they aren’t engaged. In fact, one study by Gallup found that only 20% of employees are engaged at work. 

Engaged employees don’t need to be forced to work even on a public holiday when required. They are also willing to work without demanding extra pay. So this is enough to offer you a second thought about the way you define employee engagement.

If you’re an HR professional or a team leader you must be concerned about employee engagement. That’s because employee engagement impacts everything streaming from productivity, creativity, and turnover to resource utilization. So, let’s look at some of the best employee engagement tips you can consider to improve your workplace atmosphere;

  1. Check your Onboarding Process

The way new hires feel on the first day of their joining matters a lot. Of course, first impressions offer a lasting impact. Your new hires need to feel welcome, and at home. Effective onboarding practices directly impact employee engagement from the go. When new hires feel left out that directly impacts them psychologically.

However, when HR professionals ensure to include new hires in the company activities like lunches, this boosts their morale. Other tips to consider for smooth onboarding practices include offering new hires a mentor, sending out an announcement, and asking new hires for feedback at the end of the day. This can help them feel more comfortable and valued.

  1. Recognize & Reward Them

Want to improve employee engagement but don’t know where to start? Consider recognizing and rewarding your employees. Employees aren’t machines that are only expected to offer an output. They have feelings and emotions and the way they feel about a job impacts their productivity.

One study by Nectar discovered that over 81% of employees stress that recognition for their contributions improves their engagement. When employees are appreciated, this motivates them to perform even better. They will look for ways to improve their skills in order to meet the set standards.

Some of the ways to recognize and reward employees include offering them gift cards, training them, and conducting physical workout sessions. When employees receive something valuable from an organization besides their salaries, this increases their engagement.

  1. Host Virtual Meetings

The modern corporate world is dimensionally changing ever since the 2020 pandemic. More and more organizations are opting for hybrid work cultures as a way of fostering flexibility. However, hybrid work cultures also come with their own challenges such as disengagement.

Consider holding virtual meetings as a way of improving employee engagement for in-house and remote teams. Virtual meetings can enhance participation and collaboration. With that, managers and HR professionals can consider online meetings as a way of improving employee engagement.

  1. Involve Employees in Decision-Making

At the end of the day, organizational policies and rules are made for employees. So, how about involving them in decision-making processes? Healthy workplaces are governed by transparency and respect. That also includes all-inclusive rules that safeguard all employees' beliefs, well-being, and productivity. With that, it’s essential to involve employees in a company’s decision-making process.

Considering their opinions can help managers create work guidelines that cater to positive workplace culture. It also shows that employees’ opinions are valued and that they matter. Largely, this improves employee morale and dedication.

  1. Foster Belongingness & Inclusion

When employees feel like they belong, they are mentally positioned to offer their best. However, a toxic work environment only paves the way for more ethical issues. Belongingness is a feeling that one is wanted and loved despite social differences. Workplace belongingness is key to inclusion.

In this growing age of diversity, fostering belongingness can help employees feel that they matter. This helps employees concentrate on their work to offer the best. With that, check for diversity in your workplace and find means of ensuring positivity. The presence of bias can negatively impact workplace social relationships. It also prevents employee adherence to workplace guidelines and policies. 

  1. Push for Collaboration

Apart from improving output quality and quantity, collaboration enhances workplace relationships. If anyone wants to be a better leader, he or she must possess good communication and collaboration skills. Collaboration in a workplace builds connections that can improve work skills. Also, it helps employees share ideas, work tips and solve problems better. This all improves employee engagement in the long run.

  1. Offer Feedback Positively   

Constructive feedback helps employees grow. Not all employees are discouraged by negative feedback and in fact, 75% of employees value feedback. Many employees desire to grow and providing feedback whether negative or positive can help them work better. However, it’s crucial for a manager to assess feedback delivery mediums.

Negative feedback that is meant to intimidate and disrespect can discourage employees even if they are at fault. On the other hand, negative feedback which is delivered politely helps employees change and seek self-improvement tips. There are many ways of delivering feedback without hurting an employee’s emotions or professionalism.

This can include speaking politely and offering constructive tips to better themselves. Other considerations include offering them a mentor and recommending training programs. These can improve employee engagement in the workplace.


Employee engagement is very important when it comes to ensuring higher productivity, employee retention, and proper resource utilization. Many managers today understand the importance of employee engagement and the fact that it can impact recruitment costs. Also, employee engagement is no longer fostered by providing good salary perks. Modern employees consider their own well-being a priority and that includes physical, emotional, and psychological health. Therefore, consider these must-try employee engagement tips to create and promote a positive workplace. 

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