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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Lean Roundup #166 – March, 2023

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of March 2023.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.  

Author Interview with Jim Benson - Katie Anderson talks with Jim Benson regarding his latest book, The Collaboration Equation: Strong Professionals Strong Teams Strong Delivery.


Too Often, Power Means the Power to Do Stupid Things - Pascal Dennis talks about different types of leaders and companies need to recruit capable servant leaders.


Push The Cart - Bruce Hamilton discusses the irony he feels regarding the application of robots on the shop floor.


TWI: Is it Time to Rethink Job Relations? - Mark Rosenthal sparks conversation about whether it is time to adjust what we teach people to say when they are teaching TWI Job Relations.


Most Leadership Development Training is Fluff - Bob Emiliani explains why we can do better than behaviors-based leadership development training programs.


Quality in a Manufacturing System - Michael Baudin shares literature on quality’s interaction with other components of a manufacturing system.


Deming Institute Podcast Interview with Dr. Bill Bellows - Christopher Chapman shares a recent interview between Dr. Bill Bellows and Andrew Stotz of the Deming Institute Podcast about Bill’s learning journey from the teachings of the legendary Dr. Genichi Taguchi to Dr. W.E. Deming.


The Six Types of Working Genius: What Makes for a Great Team & Marriage! - Ron Pereira explores each of the six types of working genius and how they relate to what we continuous improvement practitioners are trying to achieve.


The Pearls and Turds of Continuous Improvement - Kevin Meyer explains how successful continuous improvement-oriented organizations recognize the value of failure.


Finding Process Improvement Opportunities - John Knotts shares four things that help people find process improvement opportunities.


Are You Ready for Change? - Steve Kane shares 4 reasons why change management is essential in continuous improvement.


Ask Art: Why Do I Need a Kaizen Promotion Office (KPO)? - Art Bryne explains why you need a kaizen promotion office if you are serious about lean management.


On the Benefits of Putting Your Processes Close Together - Christoph Roser explores the many benefits of putting processes closer together.


Beyond Discipline: You Can’t Punish Your Way to Perfection - Mark Graban explains why punishment doesn’t work and why we need a better way.


Five lean mistakes to avoid - Angelica Gutierrez lists five common mistakes hindering a lean transformation from her experience.



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