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Monday, August 1, 2011

Lean Roundup #26 – July, 2011

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of July, 2011.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Limit the WIP to Improve Productivity – Dragan Bosnjak writes about the way multitasking and wip kills productivity in your process.

9 Words that Kill Lean Progress – Jeff Hajek shares 9 words that send up a red signal that something is wrong and there is more opportunity for improvement.

Late to the party: Confessions of a Lean-hesitant manager – Joan DeClaire shares her impressions from a talk with Sensei Imai thanks to the Kaizen Institute.

Dispel the Myth of "lean won't work here" – Jeff Liker talks about the fact that all organizations are different and Lean work in all situations since it focuses on problem solving.

Lean Won't Work in my Field – Jamie Flinchbaugh adds to the discussion with by saying it is not about how hard you have it but rather what your do about it that matters.

The New Math of Daily Kaizen – John Miller writes about the importance making kaizen an every daily activity (everyone everyday) and not an event.

Be Careful When Going to the Gemba – Mark Graban talks about the importance of going to the Gemba with the right attitude, one of respect and improvement.

Sustaining Improvements – Dave Munch explains how the levels of management will change in the future with lean implementation and how this is critical to sustaining Lean improvements.

Why Lean is not a Cost Reduction Strategy – Bill Waddell explains very well why Lean is not for cost reduction since spending doesn't necessarily change but is your answer for growth.

Stop Improving and Start Eliminating – Matt Wrye explains the fact that benefits from Lean comes from eliminating the waste within a process not improving the value added steps.

Monkey Bars Physics – Dan Markovitz talks about the need for management to let go in order to move forward.

5 Tips on PDCA: Team-Wide Implementation – Tiffany Willis shares some advice on implementing a PDCA approach in your organization.

A guy walks into a bar... – Tom Southworth talks about looking before you leap and the need for a plan and purpose when making improvements.

3 Simple Ways to Add Value – Liz Guthridge shares 3 ways you can add value as a thinking partner.

How to Train Without Training – Jamie Flinchbaugh gives 3 specific strategies for training without a budget.

7 Amish Habits to Make You Lean and Wealthy – Jon Miller shares 7 Amish values and what they can teach us about lean management.

Dig Deeper Part 2: Baggage and Boarding Nonsense – Kevin Meyer shares a great example of value or rather misplaced value.

6 Quick Lean Leadership Lessons – Chris Paulsen shares 6 Lean leadership lessons that we should all learn.

The Fun Theory and Continuous Improvement – David Kasprzak explains the fun theory campaign and similarly to Lean the importance of long term thinking for sustaining.

What happens when you don't know the direction? – Dragan Bosnjak reminds us why leaders must track the direction and lead us always to follow an ideal, a vision.

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