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Thursday, November 11, 2021

4 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Our Veterans

On Veterans Day we take time to honor those who fight our nation’s wars. This is a time to honor our veterans, and one of the most important ways we can do that is to learn from their experiences. 

Here are a few universal lessons to learn from our veterans: 

1. We must appreciate our lives no matter what you happen to be going through. Whatever you need to do so is already within you. 

2. We must exercise our Free Will. Make your life count and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you did not give up as you fought your own enemies…that is how dreams turn into reality and miracles begin to occur. 

3. We must keep hope alive. Hope is intangible, but the ramifications of not having it can devastate many lives; it is the nudge that we need when we least want it, and the salvation when we least expect it. Hope is the fabric we have weaved through years of knowledge, laughter, tears and pain. 

4. We must always believe in ourselves and in our innate power to heal. So doubt your doubts, not your mind, and do what you must to do more than just exist. We owe it to those who have sacrificed so much, but most of all, we owe it to ourselves. 

Though one day a year is not enough to show our gratitude for all that they have done, may we honor and say thanks to all veterans this Veteran’s Day. Remember to always keep them in your prayers for we are indebted to them for their commitment and loyalty to our country. They deserve our affirmation and respect. 

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