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Monday, November 8, 2021

The 6 C’s of Great Teams

Sometimes, when looking outside of our own industry, we discover new perspectives or wisdom that can be applied within our own professional world. In this case, when looking at the topic of workplace teams, it’s a natural to examine and borrow some wisdom from the world of sports, where the strength of a team’s performance is routinely put to the test. 

Legendary football player and coach Vince Lombardi, whose name was given to the NFL Superbowl trophy, once said that “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” In addition to Commitment, I’ve gleaned five other key qualities that seem to define championship sports teams throughout the decades. 

These six qualitieswhen applied to workplace teamscan also make for championship performance at your organization: 


Effective conveyance relates to team's net results, rendition, and final goal achievement. 


This encapsulates the sensibilities, orientation, and ethos that drive deportment within a normative culture or team. 


Interdependent reciprocal influences enable mutual cognizance for member within, their roles, and the responsibilities of all. 

Conflict resolution 

Immediately addressing divergence, rapidly organizing deviation, and assisting team members with disparity...arrest disagreements among team members, thereby facilitating goal achievement, overall success, and individual satisfaction while limiting discrepancies in future outcomes. 


True comprehension individually and among the collective, enables effective realization of all other C's within the team. 


Mentoring and leadership engagement with members improves team cohesion and overall performance. 

The first 5 C's can all be acquired and practiced with team training. The seventh C is where these skills are mastered. When team members hold each other accountable for using these skills as they work together, coaching one another for continued development, that's where the magic happens. Think back to any successful team you worked with and this C -- Coaching among peers -- will be apparent. But it, too, is a skill and with a little training, team members can become much more effective.


Great teams are made up of collaborative, communicative and cooperative people, those who support and complement each other. When individuals develop to their fullest potential, they contribute more to team efforts. No matter how smart, talented, driven or passionate you are, your success and the success of the company is enhanced by being a part of a successful team.  Incorporate the 6 Cs into your job routine. It will result in a win-win for employees and employers. 

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