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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lean Roundup #8 - January, 2010

Selected highlights from the Lean Blog Community from the month of January, 2010.

Top 7 Behaviors to Change in 2010 – Jon Miller starts the new year off looking at seven wasteful human behaviors that should be improved.
10 Habits of a Lean Construction Professional – JC Gatlin describes ten lean habits that are applicable in all professions.
The Anatomy of PDCA – JC Gatlin describes the seven steps of the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle.
10 Lean Things to Not Say in 2010 – Mark Graban shares some non-lean phrases that really should be avoided.
Flexibility a License to Accept Waste – Kevin Meyer talks about the concept of flexibility from the book “The Lean Manager”.
Building A Strong "Lean Culture" – Paul Cary shares advice about implementing Lean systems.
3 Lean Tools For Improving Construction Reliability – Michael Lombard talks about the use of visual workplace, preventative maintenance, and job instruction to improve reliability.
9 Tips to Make Your Kaizen Process More Effective – Jeff Hajek shares tips on making your next kaizen event more effective.
Visibility in the Supply Chain: What You Can't See Can Hurt You – John Westerveld talks about looking at you suppliers health financially as well some other risks.
Hopelessly Lost But Making Good Time – Bill Waddell talks about the flaws in annual budgeting processes compare to continuous improvement through continuous management.
Womack's 'Beyond Toyota' is Wrong Challenge...'Beyond Lean' is – Steven Spear writes about not improving Toyota but improving Lean with relentless innovation.
Is Lean Anti-Technology – Jamie Flinchbaugh writes about lean-thinking organization’s use technology as solutions to problems not just for technology sake.
Introducing the 5 Why "So What" Test – Ron Pereira shares a method to check cause and effect relationship of the root cause by asking “so what” after each why.
Five Change Management Errors That Make You Wish You'd Read This Article Sooner – Jon Miller shares five mistakes to avoid to make implementing change successful.
Four Levels of "selling" on Linkedin – Karen Wilhelm talks about a four-level approach to marketing yourself, your product, your service, or an idea on social networking similar to going to a party.
The Value of Thinking – Gregg Stocker takes about transforming a business to a culture where thinking is critical.
Are you Looking Up & Out, Not Just Down & In? – Liz Gutheridge reminds to stop take a break every now and then to look up and out at our surroundings.
Kanban Imagination – Evan Durant shares a Gemba kaizen story about improving a Kanban which was more then he imagined.
Can You Become Lean without Sales On Board – Joe Dagger talks about the need to have sales and marketing on board with lean transformation.
Fives On Mind – TWI explains the 5N’s or needs every leader needs related to knowledge and skills.
Lean: Letting Our Human Characteristics Flourish – Mark Graban explains the real meaning of Toyota’s “Respect for People” from John Shook.
Overburdened With Andon Calls – Mark Rosenthal talks about a system to deal with answering the help call through a time based escalation method.
Being Lean Is Not Enough – Gregg Stocker says there four more objective equally as important as lean for success.
Gemba Walks...Dont Forget To Teach! - Bryan Zeigler reminds us to go to the Gemba with purpose, the purpose to teach how.

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