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Monday, December 5, 2011

Celebrating my 500th Blog Post

When I posted my first blog post about two and a half years ago on May 23, 2009, not for one moment did I anticipate 500. But I confess that I enjoy it – I hope a pleasure for you as well.

In this post, I thought I’d chronicle my blogging experience by looking back at some of my blog posts.

1st Post:
In my first post I set out to explain my thoughts on Lean and why I wanted to share my journey with you.  Little did I realize at that time that I would learn more from you than from what necessarily share.  The sharing within the Lean community has been an invaluable learning experience.

100th Post:
Lean Thinking has a lot to do with problem solving so in my 100th post I discuss how to define the problem statement.  A properly defined problem in the beginning can save valuable time in solving the right problem.

200th Post:
I started doing the Friday Lean Quote November 13, 2009.  The 200th post was a quote from Charles Kettering on the limitless opportunities from having an open mind.  Since change is so difficult I thought it was important to reiterate the value of having an open mind.

300th Post:
Daily Lean Tips was a feature I started on our facebook page in July of 2010.  As a way to stimulate Lean Thinking I post a comment, tip, or advice on a Lean idea daily.  I share those collective tips every 3 weeks or so in a new edition in a post.

400th Post:
Lean concepts are all around us in our daily lives and from time to time I share those with you.  This post happened to highlight standard work from my son's school classroom.  They have a morning routine with a posted sequence to follow.

Thanks to all of you who read this blog, thanks for your insightful comments and for stubbornly coming back for more.

Out of my 500, which was your favorite post?

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1 comment:

  1. 500 posts is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations, Tim! Here is to the next 500 posts!