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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lean Roundup #9 – February, 2010

Selected highlights from the Lean Blog Community from the month of February, 2010.

Lean is Not and Never Will Be – John Miller tries to define Lean as something other than being like Toyota.

The Human Side of the Kaizen Event - 11 Questions for Lean Leaders – Mark Hamel shares 11 questions that all lean leaders must answer in order to enjoy kaizen event success and ultimately drive a lean transformation.

Improving your Consulting Voice through Experimentation Off the Clock – Connor Shea shares a personal story of using Hoshin Kanri to focus on the New Year's goals.

Quick Wins on a Green Journey – Micahel Sinocchi talks with author Bret Wills about some things you can do right now to conserve energy and save money.

How to Make Time for Kaizen – John Miller shares some ways to find time for Kaizen activities in your organization.

My Scrum Infatuation – Michael Lombard writes about a process called Scrum which focuses on short time increments, rapid feedback, frequent course corrections, and continuous planning for changing requirements.

Are you prepared for an Upswing in Your Business? Part 1 – Rob Jones talks about the need for strategic partners in your supply chain.

Circle of Influence – John Hunter writes about developing others and making them successful as a way to increase your circle of influence.

The Role of Purpose and Your Role – Mark Graban provides some food for thought on your role and your purpose at work in a Lean Enterprise.

Andons and Problems at Nummi – Kevin Meyer talks about difference in US and Japanese approaches to andons and problems fro the Toyota and GM joint venture at Nummi.

Lean on TV: Kitchen Nightmares - Gordon Ramsay from Hell's Kitchen a change agent? – Jon Wetzel explains a lean transformation process as seen from Gordon Ramsay's restaurant makeovers.

What Not to Learn from the Undercover Boss – Jamie Flinchbaugh talks about the right way to go source and observe which is in contrast to the show "The Undercover Boss."

When in doubt, Shoot it Out: Lean vs Taylorism – JC Gatlin explains the difference between Taylorism and Lean from a real life learning experience.

Get Your Ducks in a Row Before Lean Accounting – Mark Rosenthal has a guest post by Russ Field on Lean Accounting and 4 enabling processes.

Go with The (Single Piece) Flow  - Ankit Patel explains single piece flow in transaction service orientated world of business.

Mission Impossible: Finding a Lean Facilitator – Marshall Leslie from Lean Healthcare Exchange posts about key character traits need in the search for a lean facilitator.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Attempt to Implement Kanban – Ron Pereira shares 5 items to consider before you jump to a kanban solution to your production system problems.

If Not ROI, Then What? – Bill Waddell highlights several financial measures that can be used to measure the "leanness" of your business.

Advice for First Time A3 Authors – Brian Buck gives several tips on writing an A3.

Function Assessment: A Basis for Improvement – Gregg Stocker provides his basic approach for assessing the effectiveness of a department, function, or team.

My Thoughts on Standardized Work – Mark Graban consolidates all his thoughts on the Lean concept of "standardized work" in a single place.

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