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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Lean Way to Tie Your Shoes

Visual instructions on how to tie a "Ian knot" show six simple steps.

This is the world's fastest shoelace knot because there are fewer sequential steps and it all happens in a single, fluid movement.  It has been said that the reduction in time could add up to 4 days per lifetime.  Tying your shoes might be necessary but it is hardly value added.  Don't be complacent and take common practices for granted they can be time wasters. 

Even this simple example provides some Lean lessons - everything can be improved, small things can add up, and single piece flow is the ideal process.

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  1. And because he didn't double knot his laces, he stepped on his shoelace and fell in front of a bus...a tragic ending to such a young promising future...I'm kidding! :)

    Seriously, this looks like a simplification (method kaizen) of a square knot. I tried it and I can't see the difference except for the reduced number of steps. This is a good kaizen, taking a good thing and making it better. Is this a square knot?

  2. Tim,

    Another great example of lean practices. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Bryan, you are either a scout or a fisherman. Being the Eagle Scout I am I think you are right. If you were to pull the loops through you would have a square knot. I like your funny at the begining.