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Monday, September 26, 2011

Final Inspection isn't so Final

A recent edition at my newest favorite corporate life comic, ONEFTE.com, hit a common point that traditional companies use when there is an issue.

Many traditional companies use a final inspection department to 100% check the product just before it is shipped to make sure that any errors that occurred in-process are caught before the product is shipped.

When companies do this, they are trying to inspect quality into the product.  However, 100% inspection has been shown to be only about 80% to 85% effective.  Obviously, there has to be a better way than final inspection to assure defective products aren't shipped.

The better way is mistake-prevention by using by using poka-yoke.  Whenever there are possibilities of errors being made in a process, we should look at applying mistake-proofing techniques. Our ultimate goal is to improve the process so that mistakes are impossible to make.

Preventing mistakes is an order of magnitude better than just trying to inspect quality into the product.

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