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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Cost of Poor Quality

This 6 minute video clip was presented at the 20th Annual Audit Division Conference. It preceeded the Key Note Address by Sipho Tjabadi, General Manager of the Quality Management Group-Capital. It highlights the importance of a quality based customer focused mindset.

‎"Quality can make the difference between excellence and disaster." Dramatic video from ASQ Audit Division.

Don't break the cardinal rule of quality. Understand the internal and external customer needs and strive to exceed them.  Lives and untold losses could depend on it. Make quality a way of your life.

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  1. Excellent, excellent video Tim, thanks for sharing! While many of us may think we can say our work does not necessarily (directly) involve life and death situations, upstream or downstream, it may. And we can all own qualitative values and processes.

  2. Excellent Quality Awareness Presentation !

    Good Job!

  3. Dear Tim,
    where can I get a permission to show this video during an official event ?
    Thanks for your help in advance,