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Monday, June 25, 2012

Test Your Productivity Skills with GTD-Q in 2 Minutes

Self management is all about perspective (focus on the right things) and control (the ability to effectively manage all the things coming at you).

The David Allen Company in conjunction with one of the world's leading professional assessment firms developed a test to determine ability to GTD.

GTD® is the shorthand brand for "Getting Things Done®," the groundbreaking work-life management system by David Allen that provides concrete solutions for transforming overwhelm and uncertainty into an integrated system of stress-free productivity. GTD is a powerful method to manage commitments, information, and communication.

GTD-Q is a measurement for evaluating two elements of self-management - control and perspective. In less than two minutes, you will get a visual representation of where you fit in terms of personal productivity.

My Results:

Your "perspective" score was 4 and your "control" score was 2. This means you have scored in the "Visionary / Crazy-Maker" quadrant.

On the positive side, you are a Visionary—you have no shortage of ideas and inspiration. You're probably pretty good at setting goals, being creative, and focused on "the most important thing."

On the developmental side, you are a Crazy Maker. The challenge is that your ideas, projects, and commitments may be outstripping your ability to keep up with them. Along with the inspiration of what you're envisioning, there may be things falling through the cracks, details being missed, and a general sense of being overwhelmed.

Test your ability to get things done here.

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