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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lean Gone Lego Red Trolley Factory Worker Interviews

My friends at The Gordon, an online training company, have created another series of Lean Lego videos. The Gordon is Victoria's largest regional stand-alone TAFE and one of Australia's original and leading education and training providers -- established in the heart of Geelong in 1887. This project aims to empower workers to continuously come up with ideas to improve workplace productivity. Their first video Lean Gone Lego delivers an insight into a better way of working in manufacturing.

Following on from LEAN gone LEGO is this interview with Robbie the Red Trolley Manager who implemented the LEAN changes. Robbie talks about the benefits of implementing Lean.

Following on from the original Lean Gone Lego clip Sheila, a Red Trolley worker, tells how the new LEAN systems have helped better her workplace. Sheila talks about the positive work environment and teamwork she experienced in this new Lean company.

These are great additions to the original video and they highlight the respect for people aspects of implementing Lean in your workplace. I think those that have seen "Real" Lean can relate to the comments in these interviews. Hope you enjoy a little fun lesson today.

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  1. Very very interesting..I hope by this effort we can introduce lean to students in colleges for them to learn about continuous improvement. I think the sooner students learn about lean, the more adaptable and ready they are when they actually go to the working field and required less training.

  2. I agree Lean thinking should be something business students and engineers are exposed to early. Wouldn't that make solving problems in our life easier.

  3. Very watchable Tim - Just demonstrates that Lean is 'childs play' in reality!