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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Paul Akers Shares Tips for Morning Meetings

What's the point of the morning meeting? Paul Akers says it is about building a team. You can not build a team when the leader is talking. The leader must ask employees questions so they talk. When employees talk you are building a team.  What do you ask? Ask them "what bugs you?" Problems are not the employees fault. Management is to blame.

Paul shares a number of tips about establishing your own morning meeting.

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  1. Great video Tim. I really enjoy what Paul brings to lean with his enthusiasm and the way he doesn't complicate lean.
    I really had an "ah-ha" moment at the end when Paul said "we build lean."
    What a concept. Build lean and sell product, in that order. If you focus on and build lean the product gets made and sold as part of the lean culture with quality and efficiency.

    1. Paul is a very passionate Lean Leader. I don't know if you have read Paul's new book. If not I am sure you will enjoy it Tony.