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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lean Roundup #47 - April, 2013

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of April, 2013.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

JBS - How To Tear Down A Lean Pillar - Bryan Lund share a one step Job Breakdown Sheet on “How to Tear Down a Lean Pillar”

If the Student has Not Learned the Teacher has Not Taught – David Kasprzak talks about the need to consider multiple learning styles when educating the workforce.

Cross Training in Factory vs the Office - Why One and Not the Other? – Al Norval looks at why we don’t bring TWI to the office like we do to the factory.

Scatter - A Symptom of Big Company Disease – Pascal Dennis warns of the tendency large organizations have of disassembling the PDCA cycle - and giving different parts to different people.

Knowing How to Manage People is the Single Most Important Part of Management – John Hunter shares Deming’s thought on management and add that most managers just need to learn to listen from the gemba.

 The Big Miss*take - Eric Whitley explains the mistakes of organizations like that of a golfer missing the ball.

Standardization and Lean – Dan Jones explains how standards are established and for what purpose.

I'm an Executive How Do I Prepare to Start My Company on it's Lean Journey – Jeff Hajek shares several things to consider before you commit to a Lean improvement path.

The Truth About Lean Failures – Vivek Naik shares his thoughts on the real reasons that some experience failures in Lean and what to do about it.

First Things First – Dan Markovitz says you can have strategy without clear direction first.

The Purpose of Standard Work in Manufacturing – Michel Baudin explains how to use standard work in manufacturing to avoid creating Lean wallpaper.

11 Common Misconceptions About Lean – Jeff Hajek describes some common misconceptions about Lean learned from actual practice.

A Problem Can Be A Treasure If Leaders Make Efforts to Eliminate Fear of Failure – Jeff Liker says that highlighting problems should not be stressful and it the job of leaders to ensure so.

Lean is from Toyota, Not Ford, and Not 15th Century Venice Boat Builders – Michel Baudin shares his understanding of the roots of Lean.

Deming's 14 Points for Management – John Hunter explains Deming’s 14 points of management from his book Out of Crisis.

A Reader Asks About Benchmarking, Headcount, and Efficiency – Bill Waddell answers a readers question on labor productivity and benchmarking in his own words.

Customer Service Andon Cord: Jeff Bezos and Customer Experience – Pete Abilla explains the concept of the Andon Cord and shares how it is used at Amazon for better customer service.

Lean Management System: Accountability's Four Questions and Two Tools – Mark Hamel examines what accountability means and shares two techniques to manage it.

How to Not Become Handcuffed by Lean Six Sigma Tools – Ron Pereira advocates of process of solving problems at hand in the gemba over applying tools just for the sake of it.

People Need Challenges to Engage in Their Work, But They Also Need Success – Dave Meier explains a difference between challenging people and pushing people to produce more.

The Problem With A3 Reports – Ron Pereira shares 3 reasons why A3 reports are misunderstood and often misused.

Ingenuity: Pathway to Innovation – Matthew E. May talks about innovation and how to unleash ingenuity the secret to innovation.

Your Most Valuable Resource – Dave Munch says while people are extraordinarily important it is what you do with their time that really matters.

94% Belongs to the System – John Hunter explains that most possibilities for improvement come the system which is the responsibility of management.

AME Spring Conference: Art Byrne – Mark Graban shares come wonderful notes from a talk Art Byrne gave at the AME Spring Conference on lean leadership.

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