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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lean Roundup #51 – August, 2013

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of August, 2013.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Because Clear Communication is Difficult – Dragan Bosnjak explains why clear communications if so difficult and how to come this in Lean.

3 Ways To Be Agile With Change – Liz Guthridge says to stop managing change but rather provides strategy to make it happen through active leadership, learning and engagement.

The 7 Truths of Projects – Matthew E. May shares 7 truths of projects but says even these must be broken to be successful.

The Leader's Journey – Mark Rosenthal share several stories that illustrate the personal journey leaders must take on their own to become a leader.

Is Lean Management A Slow Idea? – Mark Graban explores ways to increase the speed of adoption for Lean thinking.

Do We Need To Find Management Ideas From Our Industry? – John Hunter explains that ideas don’t have to come from your industry but why it is important to match ideas with the problem.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Leancor shares 8 principles essential for creating lean fulfillment streams in logistics and supply chain management.

The ABCs of Organizational Culture – Jon Miller explains the basic elements that make up an organization’s culture.

Middle Managers Between Rocks And Hard Places – Bill Waddell explains the challenge middle managers face with local optimization versus entire value stream that typical senior managers put them in with inadequate goals and metrics.

Putting The Team In Kaizen – Bill Kirkwood describes the keys of effective teams and how that translates to successfully implemented kaizen events.

What Do Effective Leaders Actually Do Every Day? – Tracey Richardson answers the question with an approach she calls GTS4, GTS to the 4th (Go to See --> Grasp the Situation --> Get to Solution --> Get to Standard = GTS4)

Maslow: Still Relevant 70 Years Later – Gregg Stocker explains how leaders can apply Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in everyday situations to be more effective.

My Standard Work - Part 1 – Evan Durant shares his approach to leader standard work and how he arrived at it.

The Continued Relevance of Lean Manufacturing – Scott Johnson explains that Lean manufacturing is not a management fad but rather a journey of performance improvement.

From Lean Edge: How Can CIOs Contribute to Lean Transformations? – Dragan Bosnjak provides several examples demonstrating how CIOs can support Lean transformation.

Pick The Bone Dry Before Reaching For Another – Bill Waddell explains the need to optimize existing under-utilized equipment before expanding capacity with additional equipment.

Kanban Method in a Nutshell – Hakan Forss explains the Kanban approach to business improvement.

Benchmarking: The Downfall of Western Civilization? – Blair Nickle shares 5 lessons on benchmarking he has learned over the years.

Improvement Requires More Reflection; Less Justification – Gregg Stocker describes the importance of reflection for driving improvement.

TWI Card Hacks - Break Down The Job – Bryan Lynd shares a few tips on how to break down the job correctly.

Leadership by Welch, Immelt ... and Layer – Kevin Meyer analyzes key leadership characteristics from some good, not so good, and great leaders.

Adopt or Adapt? When Modifying Lean Make Sense – Karen Martin explains why adaption makes sense and how it can grow mindsets and change behaviors.

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