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Monday, June 30, 2014

Lean Roundup #61 - June, 2014

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of June, 2014.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Hoshin Kanri X Matrix Template for Lean Policy Deployment – Pete Abila explains how to use the X matrix for Hoshin Kanri.

Is Assessing Lean Wasteful? – Gregg Stocker shares problems he has encountered when using an assessment tool to gage and drive progress toward a lean transformation.

Why is "What is Lean?" 'A Simple Question Without An Easy Answer'? – Jon Miller discusses the not so simple answer of “What is Lean?” to provide greater understanding.

Leadership: What’s Love Got to Do With It? – Karen Martin says when it comes to achieving outstanding business performance, love’s got a LOT to do with it.

Addicted to Lean – Bruce Hamilton created a parody that despite being passionate about Lean you do have to remember to have some fun.

5S: It's not About What is Done but Who Does It – Michel Baudin explains the importance of having those close to work inspect the area with eye for abnormalities.

A World Devoid of Common Sense – Bill Waddell talks about the silliness of annual budgeting, variance analysis, and three way matching of invoices.

Root Cause, Interactions, Robustness and Design of Experiments – John Hunter answers question on interactions, variation, and root cause analysis.

Total Quality Management Models and Why I Hate This Chart – Pete Abila explains the problems with typical TQM models where 6sigma comes late journey.

Settings For Lean Success – Bob Emiliani talks about what conditions are necessary to be successful with Lean.

Employee Buy-In to the Improvement Plan – John Smith talks about creating a vision for improvement and the importance of communicating that plan with employees for buy-in.

What Your Father Can Teach You About Lean – Chad Walters shares 3 things your father has taught you regarding Lean thinking in recognition of Father’s Day.

More steps, more waste. – Dan Markovitz says no matter how simple the process is the more steps you have the more waste you have.

I Mean No Disrespect: Avoiding the Blame Game - Nicole Einbeck says the easiest way to gain respect is to go to the Gemba to understand what is actually happening.

Change Management: Fasten Your Seatbelts – Jacklyn Whitaker shares several tips for helping with change management in your company, department, or team.

The self-development of leadership development – Jamie Flinchbaugh explains why self-development is more important the directed development today.

Back to Basics – Employee Engagement – Al Norval talks about the types of employee engagement and management’s role in engagement.

Targets are for Losers – Bill Waddell discusses the problems with performance targets in a continuous improvement culture.

The #Lean Goals that Matter - SQDCM – Mark Graban shares real objectives of Lean and why there is a balance.

Kaizen events are mainly a tool to open the minds of the leadership – Jeff Liker talks about the real purpose of Kaizen events.

Kaizen? Good or Bad – Tracey Richardson discusses when kaizen events help and when do they hinder and how to best use kaizen events to leverage results and support the lean culture.

Three Steps Toward Lean Culture Change - Erin Urban shares 3 items that must be a part of any successful lean culture change initiative.

Lean Government – Jim Womack discusses how any government at any level can try a simple method for improving its value-creating processes.

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