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Monday, May 4, 2015

Lean Roundup #71 – April, 2015

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of April, 2015.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

The Relationship Between Trust and Lean – Andy Carlino and Jamie Flinchbaugh explore the relationship between lean and trust.

Go to the Gemba to Learn to Learn – Michael Balle says the lean practice of going to the gemba and learning how to master lean principles highlights very different potential starting points to improve the business.

The Lean Formula – Gregg Stocker shares a lean formula that can be used to drive transformation of an organization.

The Kata of Leader Development – Mark Rosenthal discusses leadership development with Toyota Kata from a Navy Captains experience on the USS Santa Fe.

Towards a Culture Free of Fear, Embrace Surprise – Jon Miller talks about leaders admitting when they are wrong to create a culture where mistakes are okay.

Exploring Leadership – Bob Emiliani discusses leadership and says that leadership processes are a means to improvement.

A Simple Approach to Aligning Values - Bill Kirkwood  advocates common ground for the following value categories: personal, organizational and Lean values.

Reprise – What is Kaizen Spirit? – Pascal Dennis shares three things that comprise Kaizen spirit.

Showered With Creativity – Steve Kane says overburdening chokes the mind and inhibits improvement.

What is Lean? -  Vivienne Fagrell explains Lean and says it just may be the most elegant solution.

Why Would These Workplace Slogans Be Offensive to Employees? – Mark Graban discusses the respect of employees in the workplace by management.

Unreasonability – Bruce Hamilon shares an example of Muri from experience on the waste of unclear directions.

Beware the Lean Expert – Gregg Stocker discusses the need for continuous learning and humility is a pre-requisite.

What Is The Metric For People Development? There Isn't One – Michael Baudin says there is no metric-- or even set of metrics -- that can reasonably summarize people development, but it is nonetheless tangible and observable.

To Achieve Success Focus on Improving the System Not On Individual Performance – John Hunter shares some ideas on creating a management system that focuses on long term continual improvement.

Flaws In Lean – Bob Emiliani shares the flaws of progressive management but says some improvement is better than no improvement.

Do We Trust our People to make Lean Improvements? – Paul Akers answers this question with training employees like crazy and using expertise of Lean leads and implementers.

Reprise -The Paradox of Standards – Pascal Dennis explains how standard work is not rigid but rather sets you free.

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