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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lean Roundup #74 - July, 2015

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of July, 2015.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

5 Characteristics of a Good Boss – Gregg Stocker shares 5 things that have stuck out to him from good bosses over the years.

What Will I Do This Week That Will Still Be Adding Value in a Year? – John Hunter discusses why it is important to have a long term on goals and improvement.

SDCA versus PDCA- when to use them – Tracey Richardson explains the importance of standardization when problem solving.

No Time for Improvement? – Janet Dozier says it is best to focus on improvement rather than living with a longstanding problem.

Why People Don't Develop – Gregg Stocker explains reasons many organizations are poor at developing people.

The 5 E’s Great, Lean Visuals Have In Common – Victoria Burns shares several common characteristics of good visuals that start with the letter “e”.

Back to Basics - What is Value? – Pascal Dennis explains values and why it is Lean’s guiding principle.

You’re Good When You Think You’re Bad – Kevin Meyer discusses assessments and how the journey of improvement teaches you more the longer the go down the path.

Seddon’s Amazing Discovery– Bob Emiliani counters an article by John Seddon on the failure of Lean by explaining their lack of understanding of Lean.

Is Cost Reduction the Goal of TPS? – Michel Baudin also rebuts John Seddon’s article by saying the goal of Lean is not cost reduction.

Look at All the Data and Be Wary of Unjustified Confidence – John Hunter says that optimism can be helpful or harmful, be careful not to suppress.

Visual Management – What Makes it Tick? – Aaron Fausz explains the core elements of visual management.

What’s This Thing Called Lean? – Steve Kane explains Lean from his own personal introduction into improvement.

Jidoka, Self-awareness and the Value of a Lean Coach – Jon Miller says a Lean coach helps with self-reflection, encourages self-awareness, and guidance on continuous improvement.

Winning Over Business Traditionalists – Bob Emiliani discusses why there is a gap between business traditionalists and Lean advocates and how to close it.

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