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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lean Roundup #85 – June, 2016

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of June, 2016.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Information Deficits, Visual Indicators, Error Proofing, and Payment Terminals – Mark Graban discusses visual management and shares some real life examples.

How to Become a More Passionate Leader & Person – Ron Pereira explores a characteristic he believes to be extremely important for any person, or organization, seeking excellence… and this characteristic is passion.

Defining Value Added – Matt Wrye defines what value added means to him.

How Green Technology Is Transforming Traditional Manufacturing Methods – Steve Wright says traditional manufacturing methods are transforming into lean, green conserving machines that benefit the planet and the bottom line.

Product and Service Innovation is Driven by Customer Focused Organizations – John Hunter talks about a deep focus on customers fueling improvement.

Be Careful With “No Waiting Rooms” Just Like “Zero Inventories” – Mark Graban talks about low inventory level and it’s application to healthcare waiting rooms.

Using Power for Good, Not Evil – 3 Perspectives – Marci Reynolds talks about the different types of power and when having power can be a good thing.

Performance, Not Policy – Kevin Meyer believes high-performance people should be free to make decisions, and those decisions need to be grounded in context.

You Are Not Different: Make universal lean principles work locally – Orry Fiume says the key challenge is learning how to adapt the fundamental approaches of lean to your specific situation.

KATA – Habits for Lean learning  - Hakan Forss shares slides on learning how to build a Lean learning culture at every level of your organization.

Minimize Total Cost – John Hunter discusses Deming’s point on minimizing the total cost when working with a supplier not just the price tag.

What Do We Expect from Senior Leaders? - Scott Rutherford explains that senior leaders are faced with not only creating the environment for change but also with clearly communicating when change needs to occur.

Safety In Numbers: What Message Are We Sending? - Jamie Parker says sometimes our good intentions have unintended consequences.

So You Think You Need an A3 Template – Jon Miller describes the A3 problem solving method and template.

Ask Art: How Are Lean Teams Different? – Art Byrne says teamwork in Lean is a much bigger deal than the way most people think about it, and it's crucial to success.

What Happens to Leaders Who Don’t Listen? – Mark Graban discusses the business and cultural impact to organizations when leaders don’t listen to employees.

The Evolution Of Doing – Marci Reynolds talks about making the shift from “have to do” to “get to do” outlook.

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