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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Lean Roundup #87 – August, 2016

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of August, 2016.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

The Start of Lean Leadership – Bob Emiliani describes the start of the Lean Leadership as a distinct are of focus and study.

Seven Supply Chain Lessons from a Former Walmart CEO – Alexa Cheater shares the lessons of Mike Duke in managing complexities of rapidly changing industry.

Digital Lean- Are we doomed to repeat the sins of the past? – Andy Carlino explains the the transformation in the digital industry are making the same mistakes of old.

Implementation of Training Within Industry (TWI) at Autoliv Poland – Michael Sinocchi shares the story of TWI implementation at Autoliv.

The Three “I” of Continuous Improvement – Jon Miller explains 3 “I’’s that are necessary in health and continuous improvement to make significant progress.

Reflections at the end of 15 years with the Lean Learning Center – Jamie Flinchbaugh shares his reflections on the company he started to teach lean thinking to others as he moves on.

The Lean Plateau – Mark Rosenthal discusses plateaus of Lean Implementation and how to overcome it.

Executive Waste – Terry Howell describes the eight wastes of executive leadership for consideration in Lean transformation.

Coaching Kata: Walking Through an Improvement Board – Mark Rosenthal tries to connect the dots on coaching Kata, going beyond just asking 5 questions.

Respect by Sharing Knowledge – Kevin Meyer describes why sharing knowledge is respecting people.

Are These Bad Suggestions About Suggestion Boxes? – Mark Graban talks how an article on ways to improve suggestions systems just doesn’t work based on experience.

Never Leave in Silent Disagreement – Jamie Flinchbaugh talks about an important ground rule for improvement teams.

You Need More Smoke Detectors: Countering Firefighting with Leader Standard Work – Aaron Hunt shares 5 key reasons leader standard work can counteract firefighting.

A3 Thinking Roundup – Tom Ehrenfeld discuss A3 process and shares some great articles on how to use it.

Yes, but What do Values Have to do with Lean? – Scott Gauvin how organization values and Lean drive continuous improvement independently and combined.

Create a Learning Path – Steve Kane outlines how Lean learning progression might look.

4 Key Tenants For Positive Customer Experiences – Marci Reynolds describes her 4 key tenants for good customer service.

Content Follows Form or Acting Your Way to New Thinking – Pascal Dennis explains why the process or way of improvement yields the improvement.

The Great Lean Mystery – Bob Emiliani discusses the travesty from a lack of emphasis on Respect for People in the introduction of Lean Thinking.

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