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Monday, January 30, 2017

Lean Roundup #92 – January, 2017

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of January, 2017.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Reusable Processes – Bob Emiliani shares his thoughts on John Shook’s Lean Transformation Model and assumptions.

The Failure of “The Livonia Philosophy” at my GM Plant – Mark Graban talks about his experience at GM and how difficult it is to change an organization’s culture and how fragile that new culture can be.

Why Do ‘Smart’ People Struggle with Strategy? – Pascal Dennis explains why in strategy there is no right answer only the right process.

Bridging the gap from coaching soccer to coaching business – Jamie Flinchbaugh shares some leadership lessons from coaching soccer that can be used in business.

Producing Business Results With Lean – Bob Emiliani discusses why the Toyota Production System (TPS) – inclusive of the “Respect for People” principle – is what drives business results, and that Lean does not.

Getting to Sustainability – Tracey Richardson explains how to get sustainability and why it is a never ending journey.

The Hidden Step in Hoshin Kanri – My Goal – Tony Manos talks about the power of goal setting and committing to do something different.

You Don’t Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement by Waiting Until Your Culture is Totally Ready for Continuous Improvement – Mark Graban says don’t wait to start and describes simple steps to get going on building a culture of continuous improvement.

Deadly Disease of Management: Emphasis on Short-term Profits – John Hunter discusses one of Deming’s Seven Deadly Diseases of Management, short term company thinking.

Coaching Lean Without Knowing – Bob Emiliani discusses his concerns with learning Lean from the interpreters instead of from the originators.

Coaching Lean Without Knowing | Bob Emiliani – Michael Baudin shares his retort on Bob’s post on Coaching Lean Without Knowing Lean.

How Do I Teach My Team? – Steve Kane shares some thoughts on teaching others from personal experience.

Lean is Not Just Process Improvement – Mark Graban explains why process improvement sells Lean short.

Ask Art: How high is up with lean? – Art Byrne says there is no limit to how high up with Lean.

Six Personal Kanban Habits to Avoid – Jim Benson shares 6 mistakes he commonly sees on personal Kanban boards.

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