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Monday, April 3, 2017

Lean Roundup #94 – March, 2017

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of March, 2017.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

5 Steps to Supply Change Management Success - Alexa Cheater shares several things you can do to ensure you set yourself, your company and your team on a path to supply change management success.

Why is Lean So Hard? – Organizational Elements – Pascal Dennis talks about organizational elements that hinder Lean.

Why Aren’t You Solving Ohno’s Problem? – Bob Emiliani explains LEIs Lean Transformation Framework seems to me more likely to generate a lot of “busywork” than produce serious business results.

Who Are Your “Decision Makers?” – Mark Graban talks about management moving from being generally “supportive” in principle to learning when to allow decision making to happen lower in the organization.

Skating to the Puck in Times of Change - Maureen Sullivan explains why you need to anticipate where we need to go to achieve our goals like that of this hockey analogy.

Middle Management “Develop and Deliver” – Ken Lowe says senior leaders’ roles must evolve to focus, not only on the process improvements, but also on developing the people at all levels of the organization.

Lean is more about learning than knowledge – Jamie Flinchbaugh is on a mission to define lean as the ultimate embodiment of a learning organization.

Dr. Deming on Why Improvement Stalls Out, Today’s Hospital Patient Safety Parallels – Mark Graban explains why if an improvement’s methodology is limited to demanding better results, that’s not sustainable.

Reflections on the 2017 Lean Transformation Summit – Cameron Ford shares highlights from his learning after attending LEI’s Lean Transformation Summit.

Ask Art: Is there a formula to predict or evaluate the success of a lean implementation? – Art Byrne says it is more important to focus on stretch targets that will drive future results then on the traditional focus on results.

Lean Roundup: Pull – Tom Ehrenfeld writes a comprehensive overview of pull systems from various LEI sources.

6 Benefits of Kanban for Project Management – Karri Bishop describes six ways Kanban can benefit your team’s project management.

7 Traits of High-Performing Lean Teams - Maja Majewski summarizes feedback from a survey to identify seven traits that high-performing Lean teams have in common.

Respect for People and Workbenches of the Mind – Jon Miller says there is limited evidence to prove that respect for people directly affects the bottom line but we can now point to evidence that disrespect erodes performance.

Getting Executive Buy-In – Steve Kane talks about how you can get executive buy-in for leading Lean transformation.

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