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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Busy Does Not Equal Productive

Just because you are busy does NOT mean you are productive. This animation explains some of the major differences between busy behavior and productive behavior.

Here are the 6 Major Differences Between Busy People and Productive People:

Busy People have many priorities.
Productive People have very few priorities.  Their mission is clearly defined and they put their energy on the few items that will bring them the biggest results.
Yes Vs. No
Busy People say Yes quickly.
Productive People say Yes slowly.  They don’t commit to anything that steers them away from their mission and goals.
Handling of Actions
Busy People focus on actions and checking things off of their To-Do list.
Productive People focus on clarity before action and have very few things on their To-Do list.
Multi-Task vs Focus
Busy People are always multi-tasking.
Productive People don’t multi-task but focus on one course until completion.
Email Management
Busy People respond quickly to emails.
Productive People don’t allow emails to determine their priorities.  They don’t allow other people to manage their day and are not distracted by the incoming email alerts.
A Question they Ask Themselves
Busy People ask, “What else can I add?”

Productive People ask, “What else can I remove?”  At the beginning of the day, they determine what needs to be their most important tasks of the day, in line with their goals.  Then, throughout the day, they take time to review their priorities and eliminate or delegate anything that doesn’t align with their vision.
Switch your focus from being busy to being productive, so that you can accomplish more, see tangible results, and have time for fun.
Don’t Aim for Busy, Aim For Productive

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