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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lean Roundup #105 – February, 2018

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of February, 2018.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

We Don't Make Cars: Applying Lean to Other Industries – Gregg Stocker says focusing on the philosophy and transformation in the way people think and approach the business will make the application to other industries far easier and significantly more successful.

Strategy and the Worlds of Thought & Experience – Pascal Dennis explains that strategy, like all problem solving, entails moving fluidly between the worlds of Thought & Experience.

Three Ways to Think About Value – Johanna Rotham discusses 3 important ways to consider thinking about customer value.

The Seven Losses of High IQ Leadership – Jon Miller shares seven losses that surface when we sub-optimize our leaders for high IQ.

Learn, Grow, Share – Ron Pereira talks about why we must learn, grow, and share.

The Critical Thinking Value of Writing – Kevin Meyer says improving and reinforcing writing skills adds critical thinking value to both the team member and the organization.

Methods Yes, Methodologies No – Michel Baudin contrasts a set methods from learning vs methodologies, way of problem solving.

Form Follows Function – Say What? – Nicole Einbeck says when considering new designs, let lean principles guide your entire project team to transform organizational culture towards a future that consistently seeks to improve operations, improve quality, reduce costs and never loses sight of customer value.

#Lean Can Be Very Fragile, Especially With Executive Changes – Mark Graban discusses why Lean can fall apart with several well know and studied examples.

Do People Feel Comfortable Showing Problems? – Gregg Stocker explains the most common obstacle to successfully deploying lean is failure to appreciate the level of transformation required in behaviors and systems.

When “Resistance to Change” Is Really Something Very Different – Mark Graban says sometimes resistance to change is really resistance to your ideas.

Ask Art: Why do you say the CEO needs to become a lean expert? – Art Byrne explains why the CEO needs to have a deep commitment to lean thinking and practice for a successful lean conversion.

Tips for Proving the Financial Value of Lean to Leadership – Jean Cunningham shares some advice on showing the financial value on lean improvement to management.

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