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Monday, March 30, 2020

Lean Roundup #130 – March 2020 & COVID-19 Edition

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of March 2020.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Continuous Improvement Must Be Continuous – Wayne Chaneski say it’s easy to do the work to improve your facility and then want to sit back to see how things go unfortunately, this leads to complacency, which is hard to overcome.

The Unexpected Benefit of Cancelling Everything – Jon Miller shares 5 examples of Lean transformation to restart a better way after the we resume from the unprecedented cancellations.

Why Lean Remains A Superior Business Model and Way of Thinking - Daniel T. Jones shares some conclusions from research and experimentation over the past 30 years of disseminating Lean from Toyota.

The Difference Between Naive, Purposeful, and Deliberate Practice – Ron Pereira how Gladwell misinterpreted the research and, to be blunt, got most of the “10,000 rule” concept wrong.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT AS A LEAN MANAGER? - Michael Ballé explains the role of a lean manager and why they are so important.

Is trust essential for lean success? – Jamie Flinchbaugh says Lean transformation, with its focus on collaboration and empowerment, is particularly sensitive to the foundation of trust within the organization.

Three Tips for Managing Your Newly-Remote Day – Johanna Rothman shares advice on working in this new normal amid the coronavirus quarantines.

Lean and COVID-19 – Bob Emiliani explains why Lean management should be part of the recovery plan for every business post COVID-19.

Out Of The Crisis: The Deming Institute’s Response to COVID-19 – Kevin Cahill talks about that remarkable ability that a crisis has to bring people together to make things better.

Simon Sinek – Remote Teaming Tips – Mark Rosenthal shares Simon Sinek’s weekly huddle advice in this new remote team environment.

A Few Nuggets on Lean Product Development – Jamie Flinchbaugh discussed 3 points that can speed up your new product development.

Deepening the Lessons of Crisis – Kevin Meyer says lessons are being taught by the coronavirus outbreak, but it’s important to use them to analyze the broader perspective.

Five Reasons Why It’s Hard to Stay Lean – Jon Miller shares five reasons that were inspired by the five realities of our biology that make it difficult to keep weight off.

Give People a Sense of Certainty Through New Routines – Steve Kane explains how to help people establish and adjust to new routines quickly they will become the new normal.

Leaders Need to Lead By Example, Especially in a Crisis – Mark Graban shares examples of leading by example from recent events in the news surrounding COVID-19 that we can all learn from.

How Can Lean Help Respond to Crises? - Michael Ballé explains lean thinking is about training to solve small crises – problems – daily and how it can be used in the COVID-19 crisis.

Coping with COVID-19: Lessons from The Plague - John Y. Shook shares six thoughts he using to guide him toward more effective hunkering during COVID-19.

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