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Monday, August 31, 2020

Lean Roundup #135 – August 2020

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of August 2020.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Craftsmanship, not Kaizen? – Dan Markovitz says perhaps focusing on “craftsmanship” will increase awareness and practice of improvement.

An Ode to a Frontline Supervisor – Bruce Hamilton discusses respect for every employee and supervision using popular “I love Lucy” episode.

Let Them Move the Table – Derek Korn talks about Paul Aker’s fix what bugs you mantra and connection to movie Men In Black.

TPS and Agile – Pascal Dennis discusses that TQM, TOC, BPR and Agile are all congruent with TPS.

Difference between Hansei and a Post-mortem – Al Noral explains the differences in a post-mortem exercise and hansei learning.

I Learned a New Word for Our Continuous Improvement Vocabulary — Maybe – Mark Graban discusses why improvement don’t follow a linear way but rather follow the cycle of Plan, Do, Study, Adjust.

Leading Lean versus Lean Leadership – Andy Carlo explains the difference between providing support and resources for lean leadership and creating experiences that cause organizations to learn and practice lean.

Want To Be On The Leading Edge? Forget About It. – Dan Markovitz shares three problems—lack of clarity; people in the wrong seat; misaligned decision rights— that create significant organizational drag that slow you down.

Throw Away Your Favorite Lean Tool – Jamie Flinchbaugh explains how to make you improvement efforts more effective and efficient by picking the right tool for the job.

Where to Start with the Daily Management System?- Jon Miller says while there is no single best way to roll out a Daily Management System, it usually makes sense to start with the foundation, which is the Daily Accountability Process, and tier meetings.

What is a Lean Daily Management System? – Ron Pereira discusses all things daily management and sharing a nice infographic.

Leveraging the Solitude of Leadership – Kevin Meyer says to embrace the loneliness, the solitude, of leadership and leverage it to reflect on your values, your life and organization, and to formulate your own unique ideas.

The Awesomeness of Lean – Bob Emiliani says inherent goodness in Lean management creates the illusion that for many people Lean is beyond critique.

Why You Should Link Hoshin Kanri with A3 Problem-Solving - Mark Reich discusses the relationship of Hoshin Kanri and A3 problem-solving.

Ask Art: Why Implement Lean During A Pandemic? – Art Byrne explains why best time to make the lean conversion is when times are tough.

When the Toyota Way Meets Industry 4.0 – Jeffery Liker discusses the possibility of combining the best of the new technology with the creativity of thinking people.


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