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Monday, November 29, 2021

Lean Roundup #150 –November 2021

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of November 2021.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Five Lean Questions for Rethinking Work - Jon Miller shares five questions for rethinking work from a lean management perspective in post pandemic world.

The Power of Commitment - Bruce Hamilton shares a story with tribute to Mr. Hajime Oba from his early experience with TSSC in 1996.

Henry & Edsel Ford – the Pride & the Sorrow - Pascal Dennis talks about how Detroit answered President Roosevelt’s call for weaponry in WWII.

Leadership Tip 15: Reward Meeting Behavior You Want to See - Johanna Rothman explains how leaders show their power with meeting example.

What’s Lean All About? - Jon Miller shares his thoughts on the meaning and purpose of lean from experience.

Going to Gemba Isn’t Sufficient - Ron Pereira talks about how you can use video to study and improve your processes.

This WSJ Article About Lean Isn’t Terrible (via GE and Larry Culp) - Mark Graban discusses a recent WSJ article about General Electric and CEO Larry Culp (who knows Lean very well from his time as CEO of Danaher).

Ask Art: I Want to Convert My Company to Lean. What Are the First Steps? – Art Byrne explains the commitment you must make— and the expectations you must set—when you start your continuous-improvement journey.

How a Focus on People Accelerated a Lean Transformation - Sharon Visser shares the story of dramatically improved business and operational performance when a car dealership's leaders embraced the lean principle of respect for people.

How to Respond to the ‘Great Resignation’ – Josh Howell says a trip to the gemba reveals an overlooked management strategy that could be the most effective way to keep your employees from quitting their jobs.

Leading in Uncertainty -  Steve Musica shares Dr. Eric Dickson MD lessons in leading a hospital system through the worst of the global pandemic.


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